At Dear Friend's Father's Funeral

With Jim McDonnell, Chief of Los Angeles Sheriff Deptt. Largest Sheriff Deptt in world.

With Riverside, Calif. Police Chief

With John Chiang Finance Minister/Treasurer of California. Now running for Governor of Calif. a deserving man.

With congresswoman Judy Chu in the middle.

Honored to be with our Pope

My father S. Baboo Singh ji's old pic. A humble, decorated Chief-of-Police in Pepsu state of India with 7 Meritorious Service Awards. Known for honesty & integrity (rare commodity in those countries). A man who inspired me & told me "son when you grow up, make something of yourselves; when you do, then just do not tiptoe thru life, help uplift others". Thus my 'giving back to the community series' (professionally) and founding of Inter-Faith Charities International.

With Roger Love - Voice Coach to celebrities like Michael Jackson, Madonna etc. & now my voice coach too.

The real INDIAN Cowboy. enjoying sunset on the beach at San Diego Resort in California

with Clint Arthur - Celebrity Maker to the stars, Hollywood, Calif. & my coach


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